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EasyRiders Event Pictures

I recently had the privilege of shooting two events for, the first in Charlotte, N.C. and the second, Knoxville, Tennessee.  My involvement came through an association with Atlantan, Greg Hicks, who recently acquired a portion of the company.  I will be the first to admit I am not a “biker” and in fact had never had a reason or opportunity to photograph motorcycles.  To avoid looking foolish, wasting my time and someone else’s money I made a bee line to pick up and study any and all magazines pertaining to motorcycles and their photography.

After arriving in Charlotte, I quickly realized the enormity of the task; get at least one shot of each and every bike at the show and do this while several thousand people are avidly admiring these machines.  Nope, this wasn’t going to be a studio shoot!  One shot of each bike could never do justice to intricate detail and advanced engineering involved in the production of these bikes.  At times I was standing, other times lying flat on the floor shifting and moving to avoid being stepped on and trying to get the best shot possible.  Two weeks later I again joined EasyRiders Events in Knoxville, Tennesse.  Frigid temperatures and snow were in the forcast but enthusiasm for the event was not chilled in the least as I listened to the rumble and roar of bikes throughout my first night and well into the wee morning hours, from my hotel room.  In the end, it was two weekends well spent!  I trust you will enjoy the galleries from these events and I hope to have the opportunity to be involved with many more!

EasyRidersEvents Motorcycle Pictures

EasyRidersEvents in Charlotte, N.C.

EasyRidersEvents Motorcyle Show Knoxville

EasyRiders Event, Knoxville, Tennesse

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